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Meeting Modern Man

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Just having a little fun with the rapid race of technology and the slow pace of Walt Dunlop.


Meeting Modern Man
by Walt Dunlop
Woke up this morning turned on the news

Radio says I got nothing to lose.

Looked in the mirror much to my surprise

Looking back at me were some stranger’s eyes.

He was talking on a cell phone listening to the news

‘lectric razor in his hand intravenous shot of booze

Having both his feet massaged while sitting on the can.

You can run but you can’t hide when you’re meeting modern man.

Grabbed a late lunch at the Cyber Café

Computer junkies just wasting away

Over the counter the monitors glare

Caught in reflection was some strangers stare.

He was sipping double lattes, surfin’ on the net,

Typing his pin code, cyber-bookies placed his bet,

Getting psycho-analyzed by a chat shrink in Japan.

You can run but you can’t hide when you’re meeting modern man.

As the day ended I ran to my cave

Thawed out my dinner in my micro-wave

Sat on the sofa, started my meal.

Déjà vu struck me a blow I still feel.

I was turning on the big screen looking for the light

Bowing religiously giving up without a fight.

Television hostage to that laughter in a can.

You can run but hide when you’re meeting modern man.