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  1. Not Tonight

From the recording Simple. Isn't It?

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Not Tonight

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Toe tappin' time on this one. A chance to work some Beatlesque harmony and have some fun.


by Walt Dunlop
Intro: slide up from G# to A# / G# / C#sus2 / Eb7no5th//
Eb Bb7 Eb
I don’t know if I’m wrong, if I’m right
Eb Bb7 Eb
I don’t know why we always seem to fight
Eb Cm Bb Cm Bb
I don’t know if I can do the things you want me to
Cm Bb slide A# G# / C#sus2 / Eb7no5th STOP no chord
I know our love is true, so baby, plea—se, not tonight.

You can say our love is at an end,
You can say, we’re better being friends,
Say I’ll always be part of your history
A very special friend to me, but baby, plea—se, not tonight.


Hope I see you turn around and change your mind,
Hope love teaches you I’m your lovin’ kind,
Hope you find my broken heart, mend the broken parts,
Honey that’s a start, so baby, plea—se, how ‘bout tonight?