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  1. Azucena

From the recording Simple. Isn't It?

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Azucena means Lilly in Spanish. Paternalism isn't limited to families, sometimes countries exert undue and undesired control over lives. Azucena celebrates liberating love.

David Roine on accordion and Craig Andrews on bass and dobro. Two "About Time" friends enriching the song with their gifts.



/D /A7 /A7 /D
Azu- cena you wear the sun like a coat of many colors
/D /A7 /A7 /D
A favorite of every- one, the envy of your brothers
/Bm /A /Bm /A
They keep you home at night, I, I long to see you
/Bm /A /Bm /A /A
They say it’s for your own good, for your own good I’ll free you

/G /D
Azu- cena I sent you the moon
/A7 /D
and this song to in- vite you
/G /D
Feel the warm summer wind as it lays
/A7 /D
Gently on your warm summer shoulders
/Bm /A
Azu- cena the time is right
/G /A /D /D
Azu- cena, come out to- night

Azucena you are the proof, love favors no nation
No boundary, no guardian, so true, no illegal immigration
Oh fear binds their hearts, a fear that can’t bind you
The highest wall falls apart, when love comes to find you.

Azucena you wear a mask, a Mexican Cinderella
Brothers say do this do that, they say do what they tell ya,
The free spirit in your soul, oh no, they’ve never seen it
There’s no love in control, Azucena come feel it.

END: D / D fade