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  1. Break the Chain
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Break the Chain

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I've long been inspired by Pete Seeger and songs like "If I Had a Hammer" or "We Shall Overcome". Songs of faith and hope are inspiring. This is a song about truth and freedom and how to find it. Hope it brings you encouragement as you face your own challenges.


Break the chain, break the chain
Take up your hammer, break the chain
Shatter the shackles, freedom will reign
Take up your hammer, break the chain

Lines across the nation, people on the street
Holding signs, holding hands, singing songs
Lines of confrontation, people choosing sides
Love unites, hate divides
Some people tell me, fear is their right.
Who knows the evil that they do?
How great your darkness? How dim your lamp?
Hold up a beacon to the truth!
You who hold the hammer, you who hold the key,
You who drove the nail into the hand
You who made a promise of eternity
Behold the hour is at hand.

Copyright November 2016 W. Dunlop